Smart Bidet Toilet Seat

Easy to transform your existing toilet seat to a hygienic smart toilet bidet. Many quality functions at the touch of a button including: 

► four level Water Temperature adjustment Off 34°C 37°C 40°C 

► four level Seat Temperature adjustment Off 34°C 37°C 40°C 

► four level Dryer Temperature adjustment Off 35°C 45°C 55°C 

► five level water spray pressure adjustment 

► adjustable nozzle position 

► nozzle self-cleaning (before and after use of bidet) 

► automatic Ultraviolet Light sterilisation 

► oscillating wash and more 

Our modern and stylish smart bidet toilet seat has many benefits which may include: 

► being hygienic and refreshing wash 

► reducing irritation and pain associated with urinary tract infection, hemorrhoids, rashes and abrasions where using toilet paper is harsh 

► maintain independence and dignity for those who have difficulty wiping 

► providing soothing relief during pregnancy and gentle after child birth 

► being environmentally friendly (minimise use of toilet paper, landfill and household waste) 

UV Sterilisation (Ultraviolet Light Sterilisation)
The medical grade UV sterilisation light will be automatically on 10 seconds after the user rises from the seat and will remain active for 3 minutes to kill virus and bacteria.